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Intelligence & Business Diplomacy

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We help our clients understand their competitive environment.

As strategy consulting and intelligence experts, our people help our clients make the right decisions, manage political, security and media crises, and grow their business and operations.

Our broad-based expertise spans from strategic information collection and analysis, competitive intelligence and reputation management through to market penetration strategy consulting.

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Project support

We support our clients as they expand and grow their businesses, and help them manage crises along the way.

Our teams help our clients do business and invest in complex, unstable, potentially lucrative markets.

Our operations rely on consultants who are recognised experts in specific regions, subjects (economics, finance, politics, communication, intelligence) or industries (energy, aviation, infrastructure, technology, health, food processing).

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Offer & Services

At Bucy, our offer focuses on four complementary services designed to develop our clients' business within a well-controlled, smooth-running framework.

  • Intelligence & Compliance
  • Business Diplomacy
  • Public Affairs & Reputation
  • Sovereign Dispute Resolution

Intelligence & Compliance

We help our clients understand the challenges they face.

The information gathered by our teams contributes to senior management's decision-making processes, ensuring that judgements are made with a full knowledge of the facts.

  • Mapping key stakeholders
  • Gathering commercial and competitive intelligence
  • Detecting development opportunities
  • Conducting market access research
  • Identifying and qualifying business partners

We support our clients by carrying out due diligence and background checks in the context of recruitment for commercially sensitive roles, disputes, acquisitions and potential business partners.

  • Profile and reputation
  • Economic situation
  • Competitive environment
  • Background checks
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Business Diplomacy

In cut-throat environments, businesses don’t just need to be competitive. They need to be informed and prepared, too.

At Bucy, we help organisations devise a sales support strategy as they seek to retain markets or conquer new ones.

  • Analysing decision-making processes
  • Decoding priorities
  • Anticipating political and economic change
  • Managing political and security crises
  • Market access strategy
  • Projects identification
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Public Affairs & Reputation

We help businesses and leaders manage their image in support of a particular project or when a crisis unfolds that could harm their operations or reputation.

In these situations, we devise a public affairs policy that shapes how the organisation deals with key stakeholders.

  • Providing strategic political and media insights
  • Mapping key stakeholders
  • Devising an influence and/or crisis communication strategy
  • Analysing e-reputation
  • Setting editorial and language guidelines
  • Communicating targeted messages
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Sovereign Dispute Resolution

We have specialist teams to work on matters relating to complex litigation procedures.

We conduct investigations to support pre-arbitration procedures in disputes with governments or other companies.

Our work also involves both gathering intelligence – to support legal departments – and choosing the right conciliation and mediation strategies on our clients' behalf.

  • Mapping key stakeholders and identifying links between them
  • Identifying and mapping assets
  • Obtaining strategic intelligence
  • Decoding the opposing party’s strategy
  • Devising a negotiation strategy
  • Support with mediation
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We operate in those parts of the world that we know best, where we have a clear understanding and where we can gather strategic intelligence and help our clients make the right choices.


Area of operation


Our Paris head office coordinates our global operations and leads on public affairs matters.

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Our Venice office oversees our operations in Italy and helps Italian companies do business in those parts of the world that we know best.

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Our Tokyo office works with clients looking to invest in Asia.

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Management team



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Advisory Board

Bucy has set up an Advisory Board to advise the management team on its development strategy.

The Board is chaired by Prefect Jean-Louis Chambon and consists primarily of economists, lawyers, crisis management professionals and figures from diplomacy and defence.

At a Glance

Founded over
10 years ago
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